Hey, some new desktop wallpapers for you featuring Fusion Games' new new game, EpicBottle: Loaded Up. (EpicBottle is the animation company that does the art and that i am part of as well) Soooo yeah, the first one features the main character, Dean Meekis. The second one features a monster known as Project Cara-Doom, and the third is featuring me. Yes, ME.

Dean's Wallpaper

Project Cara-Doom's Wallpaper

Ian's Wallpaper

Even more desktop wallpapers! (And these ones dont suck as much!)

New Desktop Wallpapers!

2010-12-20 14:35:28 by FlashFireIan

New desktop wallpapers featuring Ian's Day of Darkness!
Click here!

I really enjoyed this animation by zeldafreak678. I already made a review on the animation page, but it was a one word review. Also, to all those people who say we copy eddsworld here:

1. Thats the color of our sweaters

2. We draw like him because we can't draw any other style, and we have been doing that for 2 years so we are not about to change our drawing style

3. We created How to Build a House: The Hard Way before edd started his animation about his house thingy.

So thats it, please stop saying we were copycats, because Dean created this and and put a lot of effort in to it. We started this animation before Edd said anything about his animation, and most likely even started it, so.......ya. That's it.


2010-02-21 11:04:00 by FlashFireIan

Well, I'm using photoshop more now. (thats what i used for the banner at the top of my page) so you'll probably be seeing more stuff I made in PhotoShop. I am also using Adobe Illustrator more too.



2010-02-20 22:06:50 by FlashFireIan

Shoutout to FlashFireAnimations! Check out his Videos on Youtube!

Click Here to See His Channel

Also Check out my New Intro!

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2010-01-11 18:25:46 by FlashFireIan

You can find more of my animations + animation shorts on my youtube!

http://www.youtube.com/user/flashfirei an